blueprint blue‧print [ˈbluːˌprɪnt] noun [countable]
1. a plan for achieving or improving something:

• an economic blueprint calling for new investment in training and infrastructure

blueprint for

• Labour's blueprint for an integrated transport system

2. a detailed photographic copy of a plan for a building or a machine, appearing as white lines on a blue background, used by builders or people who make or repair machines:

• a blueprint drawn up by a firm of local architects

* * *

blueprint UK US /ˈbluːprɪnt/ noun [C]
a plan that describes how to do or achieve something in the future: blueprint for sth »

the health ministry's latest blueprint for pension reform

establish/draw up/draft a blueprint »

Establishing the right blueprint is a challenge unique to each organization.

provide a blueprint »

The rules provide a vital blueprint for what the state may look like for years to come.

PRODUCTION a copy of a technical drawing that shows white lines on a blue background and is used especially in the building industry: »

A blueprint has been drawn up for a massive new retail and leisure complex.

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